Candle Massage - Breathe

  • $19.00

Enjoy the soothing aromatherapy scents while this candle burns, then massage the warm nourishing oils into your skin!

This gift box item is sure to create a memorable experience for your loved ones (or for yourself!). Burning this candle is a beautiful, multi-stage experience that your body will thank you for. The gentle heat along with the special blend of skin-nourishing oils help penetrate deeper, have greater effect, and work like magic for parched skin! Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils are used for the refreshing Breathe scent. A candle which can inspire anniversary gift boxes, Valentines Day gift boxes, or gift boxes for him.



Materials: Soy wax, shea, hemp, vitamin E  

Canadian Gift Box/Canadian Gift Boxes Company: 

Natura Soy