Birthday & Celebration

Pop the champagne, bring on the treats, it's time to celebrate! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or milestone, Gift Smack Gift Company features many unique, fun products to help mark the occasion.
  1. Sweetsmith - Vanilla Birthday Cake Brittle Pantry Sweetsmith Candy Co.
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  1. Cocktail Syrup - Moscow Mule Pantry W & P
  1. Happy birthday! Make every day your birthday with these celebratory birthday cake caramels rolled in tiny rainbow sprinkles. An artisan caramel center is dipped in creamy white chocolate, then infused with a colorful splash of rainbow confetti. The perfect treat to add to a gift box to say "happy birthday" to someone sweet. Gift Box, Gift Box Canada, Gift Basket Canada, Gifts Red Deer.
  1. Sugarfina Tequila Grapefruit Sours Candy Cube Pantry Sugarfina
  1. With an infusion of Rosé wine from Provence; in every bite, these refreshing rosette-shaped gummies are the perfect treat for any Rosé lover.  These gluten free, low fat candies are sure to be a hit. Add some to a gift box or enjoy some yourself!  2.18"x 2.18" Candy Cube - Approx 3-4 oz
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  1. Delicate, sweet and chic, Champagne Bubbles are one of Sugarfina's all-time favorite gummies. Dressed up in tiny white nonpareils, each juicy little bite bursts with the flavors of the finest champagne. Sophisticated yet playful, you'll love each bubbly "sip." Champagne Bubbles are perfect for favors and gifts.  2.18"x 2.18" Candy Cube - Approx 3-4 oz Gift Box Canada, Canada Gift Boxes, Custom Gift Boxes, Birthday Gift Boxes
  1. It doesn't get much better than this... Rich & creamy caramels are dipped in ultra-fine dark chocolate, with just a kiss of sea salt. With premium all-natural ingredients, this is the ultimate indulgence for caramel lovers. Our #1 chocolate candy for good reason!  2.18"x 2.18" Candy Cube - Approx 3-4 oz
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  1. Add a little sophistication to your gift box! Don't worry, there aren't any actual olives in this candy... just smartly-dressed, chocolate-covered almonds masquerading as cocktail garnishes. A fresh-roasted California almond is dipped in creamy white chocolate, then painted to resemble a martini olive. The perfect gift for martini lovers!
  1. Sugarfina Peach Bellini Candy Cube Pantry Sugarfina
  1. Send your gift box recipient on a tropical staycation with these gummy Pineapple Candies from Sugarfina. From Paris with love, these darling baby pineapples are made with fresh fruit for an all-natural tropical treat. Gift box. Gift Delivery Red Deer.