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Candles & Accessories

We scour the country and the globe for the highest quality and most beautiful soy & coconut wax candles. Many of the candles included in our collection are from Canadian artisanal makers. Our customers love the unique scent blends and stunning vessels that can be repurposed after their candle has burned. 

Check this category often, as we are always adding new brands and beautiful candles. Candles have definitely remained trending over the years and are one of our most popular gift items, included in many of our curated gift boxes and frequently added to many of our custom gift boxes.

  1. Skeem Apothecary Matches - White w/Gold Top
  1. Provisions - Skeem Apothecary Matches - Black Calligraphy
  1. Candle Massage - Breathe
  1. Sweet Dream Massage Lights Candle
  1. Tropical Bliss Massage Candle
  1. Candle - Nordic Pine
  1. Candle Snuffer
  1. Candle - Tranquil 4oz
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  1. Skeem Citronella Candle - Sea Salt Moth
  1. Candle Tin - Nordic Pine
  1. Eucalyptus and Grapefruit Candle - 4oz
  1. Candle - Euphoria 4 oz