Effortless Gifting

we're wrapped up in the details

Founder, Nadine, is wrapped up in personally replying to emails. Partner, Larissa, is wrapped up in sourcing really great products. Our Gift Design team is wrapped up perfectly packing your gift and handwriting your note card.

We're wrapped up in the details, so you don't have to be, and that's how we make gifting effortless.

Nadine - Realtor turned gift designer

Would it surprise you to learn that Gift Smack's Founder, Nadine, wasn't always a great gifter? Yes, you read that right! After a search for client gifts left her exasperated (it wasn't that she didn't have great ideas or wasn't creative at putting things together, it was difficult and time consuming to source great items), she was inspired by the modern concept of gift boxes.

larissa - teacher turned gift designer

Larissa's natural flair for design and eye for great products made her the perfect fit for the team on day one! Now a partner, Larissa lends her expertise to many things at Gift Smack.

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