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Gift Basket vs. Gift Box?

The Gift Box Makes Giving Easy!

Gift giving has become an art form, and there are many different types of packaging available for gifts. Maybe you’ve considered giving a gift and wondered whether you should choose a gift box or gift basket?

If you have been lucky enough to receive one of our gifts, you’ll be familiar with our signature black and white gift boxes. Black and white is synonymous with luxury and we feel that every gift experience should be luxurious!

When choosing our gift boxes, we wanted to ensure that we selected packaging that was timeless and versatile but was stunning enough to create an everlasting impression (as we know how important those first impressions are!).

Gift Basket Packaging vs Morn Gift BoxesMove Over Gift Baskets

The basket. For decades, Gift Baskets have been the forefront of grandiose gifting. Gift basket delivery started to trend in a ‘more is more’ direction and followed a ‘bigger is better’ mentality. In recent years, with conscious consumerism, people are now leaning more toward quality over quantity. So when choosing our packaging, we wanted something different than a basket, something a little more unique with a focus on elevating the experience and highlighting the contents. 

Why are Gift Boxes trending in 2022?

The Gift Box Experience

The Experience. Enter the box. Imagine a beautiful box, finished with a satin ribbon tied it a perfect bow with and garnished with a beautiful hang tag. Hook, line, sinker! We got excited at the thought of packaging that creates suspense, anticipation and excitement before you’ve even discovered what the contents might be.

Again, with a focus on experience, we designed unboxing our gifts as a series of surprises and personal touches that gift recipients love. Untie the bow and remove the lid to reveal a handwritten note card and tissue with an enclosure sticker. Peeling back the sticker and the tissue, you finally get to discover the contents, perfectly arranged and ready for you to enjoy! 

Endless Options for Custom Gift Boxes

Customization: We know that you like choices! After all, who knows your gift recipient better than you do? Baskets are often designed in a bouquet like style to create a pleasing aesthetic. It is difficult to offer choices to be able to customize a gift basket. With our gift boxes, we are able to offer hundreds of different products that are able to be curated and arranged beautifully to ensure that you are still wowing the gift recipient with beautiful presentation.

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Endless options for gift box customization vs. gift baskets 

The Impact of Gift Boxes

Sustainability. We strongly encourage reusing and upcycling our boxes and packaging. Reuse the box to create your own gift, store treasures in or for getting organized. The options for reusing our boxes are endless and we love hearing all the creative ways you’ve reused our boxes! 

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Shipping and delivering gifts in Canada: Our gifts are expertly packed in gift boxes to ensure that they arrive as beautiful as when they leave our studio. Boxes are more efficient with packaging and shipping costs. We offer next business day gift box delivery to Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer areas.

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