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And Then There Was Gift Smack

Like many businesses, I created Gift Smack with the dream of offering services and products where there was a void. I wanted to create something where I could be innovative and creative. I'm insanely passionate about experiences and wanted to, in the words of Steve Jobs, 'create insanely great experiences'. This powerful quote has been lodged in my brain ever since I first read it (and reread it a hundred times, it just resonated with me). What if a gift could be that experience? How amazing would it be to receive something that invokes feelings and is an experience all on it's own? The seed was planted but it would be a few years before I began to water it. 

My passion for building Gift Smack as a gift box Canada solution took a backseat to my busy real estate career and raising three amazing children, Caleb, Evangeline and Macauley with my husband, Marc - and if I'm being really truthful, maybe it took a backseat because I was scared. Scared to leave a a six figure career, scared to do something different, scared to do it by myself, scared I would fail, scared of what people would think. Here's the thing though, you can let fear stop you or you can lean in and let it fuel you. Baby, I leaned all the way in to that fear and retired my real estate license the same day I grand-opened my store. I wake up excited every single day. Excited to create and thankful to have such an amazing opportunity to make people happy, give experiences and to spread kindness and gratitude. 

What started as a business idea with the intent of providing for my family has grown into something so much more. I never imagined it would light the fire to begin another journey, to empower young women and help them grow through their struggles with anxiety and mental health. So now, it's fear and hope that power me through the ups and downs of entrepreneur life. 

I'm eternally grateful to all my customers and to the people who have supported my dream. A special shout out to my husband, Marc, for cheering on my entrepreneurial soul and putting up with all my crazy antics and to my marketing bestie for the hours of marketing convos and ideas. Cheers!