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The Art & Therapy of the Bath

The world just seems to be getting more hectic and in keeping up with our busy schedules, most of us opt for a shower over a bath in our morning routines. I am definitely one of those people who enjoys the quick efficiency of a hot morning shower but I’ve made enjoying an evening soak in the tub an intentional, weekly occurrence to soak up all the benefits that bathing offers (see what I did there??).

To optimize your bathing experience, I highly recommend setting the stage. Setting the stage is as much of a ritual for me as the bath itself. Get out that big, Egyptian cotton bath towel that you reserve for guests and the queen. Light a candle – I enjoy lighter, more natural/essential oil scents and my current favorite is Soja & Co’s Lavender, Sandlewood & Vanilla. Put on your favorite music. Because my bath ritual is about destressing and clearing my mind, my choice of music is Spa Meditation sounds courtesy of iTunes but music choice is about what speaks to your soul and the mood you’re in. I also recommend a bath pillow (a folded towel will work if you don’t have one) and a cold eye mask (frozen wash cloth also does the trick). Now, for in your bath water, again I am passionate about more natural products and the benefits of essential oils. I suggest choosing bath salts, bath bombs, bath soaks or bath elixers made as naturally as possible and enhanced with essential oils. We of course offer many of these in our Canada gift box selection. The benefits of bath additives is a whole other blog as there are so many! Okay, so now you have your towel, candle, music, warm bath with favorite choice of soak added, bath pillow and eye mask, the only thing left to do is heed warning to the occupants of your house not interrupt you, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

The moment you slide into your warm bath, the therapy begins. Immersion in warm water can help with not only relieving stress and anxiety but provides many physical health benefits as well; improved blood circulation and healing, joint and muscle pain relief and heart and blood pressure benefits. For me, the biggest benefit of soaking in the tub is the moments of peace and calm to reground and meditate. Everyone will fall into their own routine for meditation and trust me, meditation is learned practice. The awareness and calm of the water helps me ease into clear mind space where I can let go of the busyness of mind, recenter and ground myself. When you master the art of the bath you will emerge refreshed, both in body and mind.

So, as each new season approaches and the inevitable stress comes along with it, I strongly encourage you to make a relaxing bath part of your weekly routine.