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Top 10 Gift Ideas

Top 10 Gift Ideas

2020 has been a captivating and memorable year for numerous reasons! Although it would be easy to only focus on the negative, this post is to share some of the bits and pieces that have been best sellers for the retail world and exciting for our store in historic downtown Lacombe. Our goal is to become a household name as a Canadian gift box supplier!

Gift Idea #1
Anything Charcuterie 
From Olivewood boards to unique spreads, jams, and preserves charcuterie boards have been a popular trend of 2020. The presentation is aesthetically pleasing and a nice classy touch on a classic appetizer many people love. 
Gift Idea #2
Silk & Satin 
This year has brought awareness of skin and hair care. Whether it may be beauty products or materials, silk and satin have made a comeback! Face masks, pillowcases and scrunchies have become popular and discovered to be beneficial in many ways. Whether it may help with unwanted blemishes, or breakage in hair, silk has become a go-to! 
Gift Idea #3
Hair Clips & Barrette's
This fashion trend is a subtle statement piece and can be a casual accessory or dressed up for work or a special occasion. Many celebrities have utilized this new look! 
Gift Idea #4
Plant Grow Kits 
Grow kits can vary from herbs to larger plants/flower arrangements. Whether you enjoy making cocktails with fresh herbs or enjoy greenery in your house, they are sustainable and make a thoughtful gift for anyone, any age. 
Gift #5
Stationary + Organization Products
Social media has made stationary and organizational items a popular want! Cute notebooks, pens, bins, and baskets are aesthetically pleasing and functional. They give a home, office, or classroom a pleasurable appearance and regime for everyday life. 
Gift Idea #6
Dainty + Initialized Jewelry
Customizable, personal, and elegant for many. Whether it becomes your everyday piece of jewelry or a meaningful piece to someone special, this is a popular gift that many will love. 
Gift Idea #7
Key Chains 
A cute addition to any purse or bag! Functional, stylish, and something that will add some fun flair to boring keys! 
Gift Idea #8
Sustainable Living Products 
In the world, we live in today, pollution and single-use plastics are frowned upon. Our society is attempting to reduce the use of non-resuable products. Some great alternatives to single-use items are beeswax food wraps, dryer balls, knitted produce bags, as well as grocery bags and natural cleaning products!
Gift Idea #9
Anything Copper
Copper is a desired trendy look that gives a rustic look to mugs, glasses, and even utensils and cookware. It looks pleasing on display and adds a nice touch to any cocktail presentation or dish! 
Gift Idea #10
Fragrance Products  
Fragrance adds an elegant touch to any gift, big or small. It can be the perfect addition to a bedroom display or purse! Fragrance is something many people love and will last them for a while. The aroma will remind them of many special occasions and memories they cherish.