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What is Corporate Gifting?

In short, corporate gifting is simply sending someone a gift from your business! It’s the physical act of creating connection between your brand and the lucky recipient, whether it’s an employee, client, or prospect. The effectiveness of gift-giving has a strong correlation to its psychological impact on the recipient. If you’ve ever gotten an unexpected gift or treat (either in person or by mail) you’ve personally experienced this phenomenon in action. This is partly because physical contact with a gift results in the Endowment effect—a sense of ownership over an item which translates into an individual valuing it more highly. It also influences feelings of reciprocity and trust. Let’s look at the two categories of corporate gifting: gifting to clients or prospective clients, and gifting to employees. 

Simply put, gifting to clients and prospective clients via corporate gifting can grow your business and be one of your biggest marketing assets. According to a retail study, consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value. This is done through brand recognition, generating client leads, and client retention. Some reasons for corporate gifting for clients could be:

  • Welcome gifts for new clients
  • Client appreciation gifts
  • Lead or Client acquisition gift

This kind of connection keeps clients involved, engaged, and happy! Who doesn’t like gifts! 

Everyone wants to feel recognized and appreciated for the work they do, which is why the biggest reason to gift to your employees is to show completely gratuitous value for their work, ultimately growing morale and increasing personal happiness. Corporate gifting also helps create a strong positive culture and sense of appreciation by recognizing employee efforts in the workplace. These gifts create a feeling of being valued by your employer and foster a sense of belonging and connection to the team. In turn, these feelings translate into the way employees go about their roles, and the quality of service they provide. Some reasons to send corporate gifts to employees include:

  • Professional achievements
  • Welcome gifts for new employees
  • Workplace anniversary gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • Birthday presents
  • Employee wellness gifts

Corporate gifting is so important because it helps build brand recognition, engagement, and loyalty. Beautiful gifting experiences create an emotional connection which, as a result, can attract new prospects to work with you, and show appreciation to existing clients and employees. Let us help you make that lasting impression by creating stunning and effortless gifting experiences for the people connected to your business.