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Ideas for Extraordinary Corporate Gifts

Hit the right note with these corporate gift ideas

Gift Ideas for Employees

Looking for ideas for corporate gifts? We’ve got you! Gift Smack helps companies across Canada create thoughtful, memorable gifts for employees, clients, prospects, partners and everyone who contributes to the success of your organization.

Why give a corporate gift?

Relationships are everything in business, as in life. Corporate gifting is one way to build meaningful, authentic relationships with employees, clients and prospects. It shows that you care, that you are interested in them personally and that you are willing to go the extra mile. 

While every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate that interest and commitment, corporate gift giving can be the icing on the cake.

Gifting contributes to a positive corporate culture, and a positive corporate culture is a hallmark of a successful company, says Nadine Waterfield, the founder of Gift Smack.

“Companies that give gifts frequently are generally companies that are over the top in employee rankings because they create a culture of thoughtfulness and demonstrate it in a tangible way.

“Gift giving is an art and when it is done thoughtfully and creatively it can build your brand, enhance corporate culture and create ties that pay innumerable dividends – personally and professionally. The ‘surprise factor’ in gift giving is something that people remember for a long time.” 

Here are Nadine’s top tips and ideas for standout corporate gifts:

Consider the occasion

While you may typically think of holidays as the time for gift giving, remember that there are many other opportunities throughout the year to make someone’s day. Sometimes gift giving is more impactful and memorable when it comes at an unexpected moment, such as a wellness gift in January, a summer kick-off gift, a “back to the grind” or “welcome autumn” gift in September, or as recognition for a team that has gone above and beyond. Keep a calendar of birthdays, milestones and other occasions and plan well ahead of time.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Know your audience

Corporate Coffee Gift Box

 The best corporate gifts have a personal touch: we all love to receive a special treat, especially something we wouldn’t necessarily buy for ourselves. For example, our Campfire Coffee Gift Box is perfect for the outdoorsy coffee lover!


At the same time, it’s essential to adhere to professional standards without crossing any lines or boundaries. A good rule of thumb is to include a personal message and avoid any really personal items.


Gourmet food items are popular; however, you’ll want to avoid any known food allergens (ask ahead of time). Also avoid alcohol unless you are 100% sure the gift recipient partakes (see more corporate gifting dos and don’ts).

Gift Ideas for Work

  It’s good practice to aim for gender neutral items. For a wellness or self-care theme, shower steamers are a fun and relaxing gender-neutral option that everyone can use. 


Branded gifts can be appropriate if they are not too “salesy.” A branded mug, toque or water bottle is a nice touch for onboarding – especially for team building if employees are working from home.


Other popular branded and gender-neutral corporate gifts ideas include customized socks, beanies, blankets, coasters, chocolate, and tech gifts like airpod chargers and wireless chargers.


Think experiences

People have a lot of stuff in general: experiences and consumable gifts are an ideal solution to this dilemma. On the food theme, charcuterie fixings never go out of style, like the artisanal preserves, crackers, sea salt caramels, lovely olivewood “nibble bowl” and matte gold cheese knife in our curated holiday collection


Other thoughtful corporate gift ideas include a Movie Night Gift Box featuring assorted confections, crunchy snacks and the pièce de résistance: Ontario-grown Provisions Sapphire popcorn with blue-flecked kernels that turn bright white when popped (or try Provisions Rose Gold variety!) 

What to get for employees for christmas

Or design your own custom gift box featuring our eco-friendly silicone popcorn popper. It’s a gift that will keep on giving for a tree-trimming event, a games night or that late night snack craving fix.


Self-care is always in style

Healthy, happy employees are productive, creative employees. Encourage self-care with our top-selling Rinse, Relax, Repeat Gift Box – a pretty little gift box with everything for a dreamy, utterly relaxing spa experience. Other timeless options include notebooks, teas or a space-saving collapsible water bottle.

Self-Care Gift Ideas

The beauty of the box

Gift Smack’s sleek, signature boutique gift boxes are part of an unforgettable gifting experience. 


One advantage of a gift box versus a basket is the excitement of unwrapping – the element of surprise! In our age of digital interactions, there’s an old fashioned joy in opening a card and unboxing a gift. 


The downside of gift baskets are that they are more difficult to ship, covered with cellophane and lack the drama of unboxing because you can see their contents at a glance. 

Our premium gift boxes are made from recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. They are beautifully designed to be reused as storage or regifted. Read more about gift boxes versus gift baskets and why Gift Smack gift boxes get such rave reviews!

Need help?

Are you looking for something completely unique? Let us help you source and create made-to-order gifts with just the right touch. Gift Smack is proud to support emerging, unique Canadian makers and artisans with specialty, small-batch products for your consideration. 


We’ll also help you with bulk orders for corporate gift boxes, customized with your company's branding, specific items, packaging, etc. The possibilities are endless – just get in touch and let’s make the magic happen!


Custom Corporate Gifts